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€ 1979

Switzerland Arosa Arosa

This 5-star apartment can accommodate 6 people and a small child. Summer Arosa is a sunny and windless place...

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CHF 290

Montreux Villa rentals with view on the Geneva Lake (available...

Beautiful villa located at 5 min away from Montreux, 15 min walk from the Chillon Castle, Villeneuve center, 5min...

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CHF 190

Apartment rentals, Montreux Lac and Mountain view

Situated in the best possible location on the Swiss Riviera at the border of Montreux & Clarens, close to the lake With...

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CHF 500

Very nice appartment, located in a cosy Chalet at a great...

apartment in Chalet perfectly located in the southern part of Zermatt, in Winkelmatten. It is 3 minutes walk...

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CHF 290

Zermatt apartment rental with partial Matterhorn view from...

A beautiful apartment centrally located in Zermatt. Apartment is located in the center of Zermatt. A 2-minute...

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CHF 850

Very nice two-apartements in Chalet for 12 guests located...

Chalet Luxurious in Winkelmatten in Zermatt , 5 stars traditional chalet Our chalet was constructed in 2009...

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Welcome to Switzerland

Switzerland (German: die Schweiz, French: Suisse, Italian: Svizzera, Romansh: Svizra), officially the Swiss Confederation (Latin: Confoederatio Helvetica, hence its abbreviation CH), is a federal republic consisting of 26 cantons, with Bern as the seat of the federal authorities. The country is situated in Western Europe where it is bordered by Germany to the north, France to the west, Italy to the south, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east.

Switzerland comprises three main linguistic and cultural regions: German, French, and Italian, to which the Romansh-speaking valleys are added. The Swiss therefore do not form a nation in the sense of a common ethnic or linguistic identity. The strong sense of belonging to the country is founded on the common historical background, shared values (federalism, direct democracy, neutrality) and Alpine symbolism. There are 3 bilingual cantons whereas Graubünden is the only one of the states that features three official languages. The establishment of the Swiss Confederation is traditionally dated to 1 August 1291; Swiss National Day is celebrated on the anniversary.


The weight of the largest metropolitan areas, which are Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Basel and Bern tend to increase. In international comparison the importance of these urban areas is stronger than their number of inhabitants suggests. In addition the two main centers of Zurich and Geneva are recognized for their particular great quality of life.

Alpine symbolism has played an essential role in shaping the history of the country and the Swiss national identity. Nowadays many mountain areas have a strong highly energetic ski resort culture in winter, and a hiking (wandering) culture in summer.

The cuisine of Switzerland is multi-faceted. While some dishes such as fondue, raclette or rösti are omnipresent through the country, each region developed its own gastronomy according to the differences of climate and languages. Traditional Swiss cuisine uses ingredients similar to those in other European countries, as well as unique dairy products and cheeses such as Gruyère or Emmental, produced in the valleys of Gruyères and Emmental. The number of fine-dining establishments is high, particularly in western Switzerland.

Chocolate had been made in Switzerland since the 18th century but it gained its reputation at the end of the 19th century with the invention of modern techniques such as conching and tempering which enabled its production on a high quality level. Also a breakthrough was the invention of milk chocolate in 1875 by Daniel Peter. The Swiss are the world's largest consumers of chocolate.

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