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€ 682

Mykonos Luxury villa rentals in Kalafatis beach with staff

One of the most luxurious and private rentals in Mykonos, Greece A glamorous and beautiful, fully integrated,...

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€ 1100

Greece Corfou Seawiew Villa Vacation rentals with private...

Greece Corfou Seawiew Villa Vacation rentals with private pool Walking distance to Barbati beach, magnificent...

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€ 2000

Greece Corfou Luxury Villa Vacation rentals with private...

Greece Corfou Seaview Villa Vacation rentals with private pool Majestic views of the Ionian blue, 2 units for...

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Greece Villa Vacation Rentals in Crete Luxury 3 Bedroom...

Greece Villa Vacation Rentals in Crete Luxury 3 Bedroom with private pool near the seaside and the village of Elounda. The...

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€ 2500

Greece Villa Vacation rentals Mykonos with Jacuzzi and close...

The Villa on Mykonos Island is located in the area of ​​Elia Beach. The Elia area is less than 20 'by car. Access...

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€ 1200

Greece Villa Vacation Rentals Mykonos Private pool Cyclades...

Greece Villa Vacation Rentals 5 bedrooms with pool in Mykonos, Cyclades Islands If you are looking for harmony,...

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Top Vacation Rental Destinations

Greece !

Greece is a true paradise for cultural tourism, and a large journey into history and art.
Greece is the cradle of Western civilization. It is a country with harmonious blends, culture with history, nature with the sea, she is a diverse destination offering an escape.

Greece is: sky blue, turquoise sea and transparent, its many islands dotted with white villages, majestic cliffs and hills covered with olive trees, but also its history-laden stones.

Athens, the capital, full of charming and typical places, places the Greek traditions are still alive. Each 
neighborhood has its own entity, Monastiraki, the place for antiques and junk dealers, Plaka, to climb to the Acropolis, Glifada ... Finally you can admire the Acropolis and the Parthenon two legendary places, or is it invented democracy.

The region of the Peloponnese is beautiful, rich in history including the ancient remains are considerable. You can go to Epidaurus, in the small town of Nafplio or in Corinth.

Crete, a family destinationThe tourists enjoy the island that offers both water activities along its beautiful beaches and hiking as the descent of the impressive gorge of Samaria.

As cultural visit to be undertaken during the stay, Heraklion and its remains past withits museum and archaeological site Knossos are visiting other monuments of the island as the Monastery of Gonia, the palace of Mallia, the Minoan palace of Phaistosor the ruins of interest to history buffs. For fans of beach holidays, a day Phalassarnaone of the most beautiful beaches of the island's delight.

For fans of beach holidays, a day Phalassarna one of the most beautiful beaches of the island's delight.

Greek islands, you choose a cruise according to your desires, in the Cyclades to visit the villages to Mykonos or Santorini

 Ionian Islands, to admire the turquoise waters of Corfu and Lefkada Sporades and to visit the island 'or Alonissos Skyros. For family holidays you can rent a sailboat to enjoy the beauty of the islands or to offer you an unforgettable cruise on a beautiful yacht or a huge ship.

Not to be missed! Rhodes, the largest island in the Dodecanese, is a great destination. The island offers many activities and tourist facilities for all budgets. In the Dodecanese, you can choose between religious and ancient sites, villages and castle of sand.

Mainland Greece is rich in history and historical monuments, it offers breath taking scenery. It is a region made for lovers of rock and hikers. Family or solo, you can optfor a Self Drive program, which you can visit at your own pace, the regions not to be missed. Meteora, Pelion, Ioannina, Vikos Gorge, Halkidiki and more ...

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