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Traditional Japanese-style tatami mat + western-style guestrooms...

Irrashaimase is the Japanese word for 'welcome'. Irrashaimase to Hotel Edoya ! Hotel Edoya, located close to...

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Japan House Vacation rentals and Stay in Real Japanese House...

Japan House Vacation rentals and Stay in Real Japanese House in Real Kyoto. Welcome to Kyoto, in Shugakuin on...

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Japan Apartment Vacation rentals 2 bedroom Gion Area in...

Japan Apartment Vacation rentals 2 bedroom Gion Area in Kyoto city center. Situated on the 3rd floor, this beautiful...

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Konnichiwa ! Welcome to Japan !

Japan,  Land of rising Sun , is an island nation in East Asia located in the Pacific Ocean. It's an archipelago of 6852 islands and the four largest are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku. Tourism in Japan attracted 8.3 million foreign visitors annually. Japan has 14 World heritage sites. Japanese islets let you discover many wonderful places : Ishigaki-Jima famous for its blue coral reef - Shikoku, Buddhist shrines - The sleeping Fuji-Yama - Gokayama, typical and historic village - The shinning Tokyo city - The National parc of Shireketoko - the see-trhough lake Toya - Shiga Kogen, an attractive ski resort - The old imperial town, Kyoto - Hiroshima and its cultural heritage & co.

About the wealthy japanese culture, see the beauty of the coloruful temples and the artistic garden, taste the delicious sashimis, the exotic rice cake Mochi or Sake, the rice wine ! And take a break on an Onsen, a therm of hot spring or take part of the traditionnal tea ceremony ! 

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