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Israel Outdoor Activities Adventure & Rappelling Tours.

"Radius Tours" is a tour company that specializes in adventure and experiential tours.
The company also conducts geographic tours and family trips.
Over the years, we have developed to new fields and today, "Radius Tours" is the leading company in Israel for challenging adventure trips.

The story of "Yoel and Rami's hikers' circle ":
Yoel Sterling is a graduate of the Technion in Industrial Engineering and Management, and holds a master's degree in the Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University. Yoel has been in engineering for more than 17 years.
Despite his success and experience as an engineer, Yoel chose to make a significant change in his life, to give up his respectable profession, status, salary, and comfortable conditions, and chose to guide adventure trips as a way of life! - A change that indicates of love for nature and hiking.

In the early 1990s, after finishing his rappelling course, Yoel and his close friend Rami Grinstein, (also an industrial and management engineer), began to gather around them travelers and friends who together discovered the ravages of the country.

Yoel and Rami were also among the first to "discover" the wonderful Jordan two or three years after the signing of the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan.
Those two, with their friends who, not surprisingly, were mostly industrial and management engineers also, were among the first to travel in Jordan.
Upon his discharge from the army in 1998, Yoel set up "Radius Tours".
At the beginning "Radius Tours" were a home for the small circle of well-known friends who discovered the country and Jordan under Yoel's fascinating guidance.
Over the years, "Radius Tours" has grown and developed, and today the company doing hundreds of unique tours in Israel and abroad under the direction of Yoel.

Our Worldview:

- Safety
Without a doubt the safety is the central and most important issue in "Radius Tours".
We have strict safety rules.
As engineers and graduates of the Israeli Air Force, Yoel and Rami used to learn lessons at the end of each trip and so with time, rules and safety procedures were set for the company.
For example- In the years 1997-2000, only a few groups of hikers and professional climbers climbed to the top of Jabal Ram (and without any safety measures.)
"Radius Tours" began to climb this mountain since 2004, and only after strict rules of safety were established.
Every traveler goes up with a harness and helmet and all the critical and dangerous points in the route (and there are dozens of them) are secured.

Over the years, we have located and developed various and different tracks.
These trips are challenging and difficult at the highest level, difficult also on an international scale.
For example: The track of the Hazali Canyon - a track that we discovered in 2007.
The track is complex, including a long and steep climb to Jabal Hushshah with a number of climbing segments, and a drop of 26 waterfalls, some with a complex technical route. The route did not match groups so we did a preparatory work, and prepared the route for groups, including groups of more than 20 travelers. To date, more than 250 travelers have visited the Hazali Canyon.

Already in the 1990s, "Radius Tours" adopted a long, unique and ongoing training process for rappelling course.
There are only few instructors who successfully pass this meticulous process.
All this ensures the hikers to have the best guides.
In addition, you will find that our adventure tours are characterized by small groups (sometimes up to 8 travelers!)
and a very high ratio of guides-hikers as a result of the challenging nature of the tours.

Types of trips:

- Canyoning
A challenging river trek using cliff-surfing techniques (abseiling).
Alongside the classic and famous canyoning trips "Radius Tours" offers unique canyon tours known only to "Radius Tours" instructors.
-Adventure tours
Trips in Europe that combine canyoning trails, Via Ferata (mountains trekking), caving and treks.
Adventure trips are unique and exclusive, you will not be able to find similar tours anywhere else.

The various adventure trips we have to destinations:
Slovenia - the Julian Alps, Spain - Pyrenees, France - the Maritime Alps, Italy - Dolomites, Turkey - the Taurus Mountains.
Climbing tours -
Special climbing tours that include exclusive routes for "Radius Tours" (mainly in Jordan).
The tours require the use of rope techniques of climbing and rappelling, and some of them ice and snow climbing.
The climbing paths do not require prior experience in climbing but require high fitness, guide and security escort.
Trekking -
Another central theme in which we have set a goal to carry out unique trekking around the world.
The unique trekking list includes trekking in Jordan, trekking to the Tusheti region, trekking to the Pamir Mountains, the Revanrozi trek, trek in Mongolia.
One can discern the professionalism of "Radius Tours" in treks that are not unique to us.
For example, on treks to the African summits, which combines the famous peaks of the Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, "Radius Tours" holds a rare achievement of 100% success in climbing to these two peaks !
Rappelling tours in Israel -
Our small country has a lot to offer - "Radius Tours" takes rappelling trips in the best rivers in Israel.
In addition, we hold a series of exclusive tours along unfamiliar routes.
Geographic tours -
The best of our guides even on "less challenging" trips.
Family tours -
Trips for the whole family and trips for families who like challenges.
In addition, we have nature / jeep / depth / classic tours which we have been dealing with for many years and we organize them on request only for organized groups.
The Hoopoe Circle- The hiking circle of "Radius Tours"

For more information :
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