El Mona Gaden

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Israel Attractions In Galilee- Special Gardens in The Druze Village Of Julis

In A very Good location in the Western Galilee You can find this beautiful and special gardens.
Naji the owner tells the story of the place:

“El Mona Garden is a memorial to the memory of my parents Rasheed and Mona Abbas.
The story of the Garden goes back to my first grandfather “Saeed”, who lived in the thirties of the last century. After the death of my grandfather, my father Rasheed continued his path in hard work and giving. Today I am following their path and continuing their journey in the route that they carved with their own hands in sweat and tears.
25 years ago my dear wife and I decided to honor my parents memory by establishing a garden holding their names. We started restoring and nurturing my house surroundings with the desire to turn it into a memorial site. Mission and dedication accompanied our work in order to fulfill this vision that surrounds my home and life.
This idea was originally shared with my wife that started the original idea while I serve as the implementing arm and executor. Were it not for my wife and children who spared no effort and faith in the idea, these gardens could not be established in the way they exist today. They say a good woman is the light of the family, my wife fulfill our home with a light that remind us of my late mother, God bless her soul, which has fulfill our home and envelop our life.
“Water is the basis of life”, thus we believe, therefore we saw this as the central underlying theme in our garden which is the symbol of life, giving and continuity. We worked hard in order to inject water in all parts of the garden. Species of plants, trees and flowers live in harmony in which each individual live in peace and love with the colorful surroundings.
There is a trail crosses the garden which enables an access for disabled, because they deserve to enjoy the beautiful and enchanting garden, with the belief that God created all human beings equal.
The numerous doors in the garden represent crossroads and stations in life. Out of the belief that life is a journey through the stations which each one chooses the direction of his life and the train continue its journey without restraint. Each station is a beginning of a new phase in the passenger’s life for the sake of continuity and life.
My grandfather and my father came through a station and left through another station. My father’s death was sudden, on the same day he left us I received a gift from God, my daughter came into the world.
We believe that one who has no past has no present and no future. Immortalisation is the preservation of the past and turning it into an important stop on the way of the future generations."



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Points of Interest

  • Akko (10 min)
  • Nahariya (13 min)
  • Karmiel (20 min)


per person, from ILS 20

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20 shekel for person (around 4,7€)


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Location :

> Israel > North - Galilee > Julis

  • Nearby city/cities : Julis
  • Nearest airport : Haifa Airport (40 min)

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