Monkey Forest

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Israel Attractions Discover and Visit Monkey Forest, an Educational & Tourism Animal Sanctuary.

The Monkey Forest was established as a petting zoo for children and families in the early 1970s. In 1990, we became a well known destination for education and tourism. As an educational experience, the children of the area were responsible for the maintenance, care and husbandry of the animals.
Our goal has always been to offer people a close encounter with animals and nature with the vision of teaching the importance of having compassion, love and respect for all animals, nature and each other.
Our goal is to have our visitors leave us with the understanding that all animals big and small are an integral and very important part of every person’s life. Over the years The Monkey Forest has really grown but we still stand by our values of giving the animals and nature the highest level of care. Our mission of educating the public on compassion, love and respect for nature and animals has grown even greater!
We invite you to come visit us and walk through our scenic forest trails, meet the animals living in the forest, enjoy a picnic at one of the many picnic tables scattered in the woods and enjoy a day while making sure that the nature and animals of the park, feel safe, secure and at harmony with our visitors.
On arrival we request that all people read and follow the rules written on the instruction sheet given at the entrance to the park.
Please make sure that all the people entering with you, including children are aware of the rules.
One of things that makes us unique is at this present time, we do allow people to bring food to hand feed the animals but only healthy foods that are listed below, No exceptions!
We do Not allow the feeding of any processed foods, sweets, salted snacks or desserts, No exceptions!
If you plan on bringing food to feed to the animals, please only bring plain whole breads, washed fruits and vegetables and natural unsweetened and unsalted dried fruits and nuts.
We also offer a healthy choice of foods for purchase at the park. (Please note that the feeding rules are subject to change, depending on different factors on any given day.)

We really look forward to your visit!

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Points of Interest

  • Haifa (40 min)
  • Tel aviv (1 h 30)
  • Nazareth (30 min)
  • Karmiel (15 min)


Additional information

Opening Hours:
Sun-thurs: 9:00-16:00
Friday: 9:00-15:00
Saturday: 9:00-16:00

Tickets are available up to one hour before closure


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Location :

> Israel > North - Galilee > Karmiel

  • Nearby city/cities : Yodfat
  • Nearest airport : Ben Gurion (1 h 30)

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Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest

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