Desert Sights

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Israel Discover an Ethnographic and nature Day Tours in the Desert

"Desert Sights" invites you to discover a new world you have never met..! The Mystery and Magic in the desert:
The Bedouins in the Negev - Many have heard about them but only few are familiar with them.
A history of hundreds of years in the desert, a culture that developed far from civilization in a hard field conditions and extreme climate .

A a nomadic fascinating society with the modernization of the twenty-first century..
Trip for curious people and adventurers lovers , who like to see and hear tales of life in their natural habitat .
Will they adapt? what problems they have? And how will look the future of this traditional and unique society in the cultural and social landscape of state of Israel? is the desert culture of the Bedouin will disappear?

Trip on a Safari Car to the hidden Bedouin villages in the Negev :
Between Route 31 (junction Shoket- Arad) and Route 21 (Beer Sheva - Dimona), stretch the largest Bedouin settlements
of the Negev.
We will drive on a "Safari Car" (big SUV with four-wheel drive) to the hidden Bedouin villages .
The landscape of the Bedouin culture, their history and future as citizens of the State of Israel, all these subjects will come up in this unique and enriching trip.
We will end the tour with a visit to "Desert's Daughter " which produces cosmetics and soaps from herbal extracts and spices according to Bedouin heritage, and we will also enjoy a traditional Bedouin meal.

Groundbreaking women:
We invite you get to know the world of the Bedouin women.
A meeting with groundbreaking women who navigate between two different worlds - between tradition and progress ..

Celebration of Bar Mitzvah in a unique way:
We offer you having an event of Bar \ Bat Mitzvah in the nature .. once in a lifetime experience for children and parents.
A trip with different tasks, on a "Safari Vehicles" in the landscape of YATIR forest - we will pass by the remains of Jewish villages from the Biblical and Talmudic era. In one of these sites will have a riddle game for the children- with elements of outdoor games , orientation ,and navigation missions.
We will finish the day at " Darijat" , where we will visit the caves of the ancient residence and looks closely at the transition to modern "villas" , we will hear the special story of the village and its inhabitants.
We we will finish with a Bedouin dinner party.

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  • Tel Aviv (50 min)


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