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Israel Discover an Experiential Ethiopian Village in Israel- Social project for heritage conservation of Ethiopian Jewry

About Us:
The Beta Israel Village Project is a unique social- business which combines agricultural and educational activities with the intent of preserving Jewish-Ethiopian heritage and establishing it as a sustainable national asset.
The Project is the brainchild of the Hineni Society -Network of mission driven Communities, which has been initiating
and supporting Jewish-Ethiopian mission driven communities for more than a decade.

In 2009, in the outskirts of Kiryat Gat, the Hineni Society launched a communal-social agriculture project for Ethiopian elders. The farm, which was founded with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, has provided Jewish-Ethiopian elders with agricultural employment, a field in which they possess traditional knowledge and to which they have a natural connection.
This vocation has filled their days with meaningful substance, and has allowed them to regain the ability of providing for their families.
All of the above, together with the various activities, events and self-help and community-building workshops, have
significantly and notably restored the self-dignity of plan participants, and has resulted in improving their personal standing within their families and their communities.
It took only a few years for the Project to grow and expand even further, together with the agricultural farm project, and, since 2011, the site has been used for a social-business project known as the Beta Israel Village (Beta Israel is a term used to identify Ethiopian Jewry).
The village is attracting visits from Ethiopian descendants who rediscover their ancestral heritage and learn to view it as a source of pride and empowerment in their lives. And also from thousands of non-Ethiopian visitors who are exposed, sometimes for the first time, to the wealth of Ethiopian culture and change many of their former stereotypes about this community.

Our Workshops:

All workshops are hosted by Ethiopian descendant guides. Both
Hebrew speaking and English speaking are available

- Amharic writing:
An artistic workshop that acquaints the participants with the Amharic alphabet through the personal creation of a door sign.
- Personal life story:
A meeting with one of the elders on the farm that retells the tale of the journey from Ethiopia to Israel.
-The Ethiopian kitchen:
Acquaintance with traditional family cookery, the special ingredients, the preparation and the tastes. Injera, Dabu, the Chou spice and more.
- Pita making:
Making a tasty pita bread the old fashioned way – prepare the dough and make your own pita in a wooden oven.
-Clay pottery:
Activity that teaches the history of Ethiopian Jewish life through the traditional method of housewares making.
-Mud building:
An activity that acquaints the participants with the most common construction method in Ethiopia "hands-on".
- Awareness and roots:
Dealing with everyday dilemmas in relation to community and identity and getting to know the heroes of the Jewish Ethiopian culture.
-Commitment to community and country:
a workshop for 15-18 years old, encouraging them to feel a sense of
responsibility and purpose towards the community, especially through
meaningful service in the IDF, national service etc.
-Experiential agriculture:
Working together with the elders in the farm on their plots, enjoying what
is both an experience and volunteer work.


Base price : 50 ILS per visitor -Including tour of the farm (30 min.) workshop (45 min) and Ethiopian refreshments
• Additional activity : 10 ILS per visitor
• Additional homemade Ethiopian lunch: 35 ILS
The village is open for groups of minimum 20 visitors.

You are welcome to see more in our You-Tube videos:
Atachlit Farm the Ethiopian Jewish Center for Agriculture and Heritage
Meeting at the Atachlit Farm Social Club

For more information and reservations:
Tel: +972- 523988215 (Miky)



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Points of Interest

  • Ashkelon (25 min)
  • Ashdod (35 min)


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Location :

> Israel > Southern Coastal Plain > Kiryat Gat

  • Nearby city/cities : Kiryat Gat
  • Nearest airport : Ben Gurion Airport





Spoken languages : English, Hebrew

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