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Israel Extreme Tours & Outdoor Activities Rappelling and Caving in unique places all around the country.

If you're looking for off-the-common-track Israel tours, if you want to see places most people don't see on their Israel tours and if you like extreme journeys - then you're at the right place!

An 'extreme trip' doesn't mean necessarily tiring Israel tours. It just means it's not a common walking-by-foot journey but also have some extreme activity in it such as rappelling, caving, etc. It just means you'll have to learn a little bit from our professional guides how to descend into a 90 m deep cave or rappel your way through a canyon in the Israeli desert.

We arranged for you the different types of activities we have, though we also have personalized tours that can actually offer you almost anything you think about..

*Personalized Tours
*Israel Bar Mitzvah Tours
*Field Cooking
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*Primitive Skills

Exteriorate is an extreme tour company based in Israel. We offer both tailor-made private tours and group tours. We have a variety of daily tours, family tours, and escorted group tours which run every week. Our services also include special activities for groups such as Outdoor Training and Team Building Activities.

But what is the significance of 'eXteriorate'? It has a lot of meanings, actually: the word itself hides in it many qualities: it is Extreme, it is travelling in the Exterior, and also, while our lives are sometimes full of pressure, getting outside and having a quality time in nature makes our minds open, meaning we focus for a little while in the outside world instead of the inner problems, and thus we heal ourselves.

​If you are looking for an unforgettable tailor-made tour in Israel for your kid's Bar or Bat Mitzvah, an adventure tour in Israel or a group tour or a private family trip - we will help you transform it into a lifetime experience!

The Bedouin Experience:
Israel, being part of Asia in the Middle East, has many "Desert Dwellers" or "Bedouins" as they call themselves, in its desert lands.
Descended from Nomads who lived in the Arabian and Syrian deserts, the Bedouins are an Arab semi-nomadic ethnic group which is devided into many tribes or clans. They usually are seen herding camels and goats.
Our Bedouin experience tours begin in a Bedouin Village where you'll be welcomed with the delicious traditional Bedouin tea. After that, you'll go for a Camel ride or a Jeep tour to see the sunset from the cliffs watching the Dead Sea and the Jordan desert just below you.

Camping with the Bedouins is an amazing experience! After the sun sets you'll be surrounded by the magical desert night and the fire will be lit just to show you the surrealistic images of Bedouins making you dinner: a tasty meal of chicken and lamb meat accompanied by the famous Bedouin tea - all made on the fire in front of you while the stars shine bright above your heads, sitting on mattresses and cushions upon the desert ground.
After this experience ,the drive home the next day will be a mix between reality and a faded dream about the experience you just had, and you'll have for sure a memory which you'll never forget in your entire life!

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